Youth Programs

Elite MMA is known for its outstanding Youth Program, which offers both MMA and Jiu Jitsu classes to kids 5 – 16 years old. Taught by seasoned instructors, our kids programs are both challenging and fun, with a focus on learning effective self-defense techniques as well as building self-confidence and self-discipline. Kids are separated into appropriate groups based on age, size and skill level to ensure their safety and to maximize their learning experience.

Kids Jiu Jitsu: We offer “with Gi” Jiu Jitsu classes for those interested in a more traditional structure as well as “no Gi” Jiu Jitsu which is geared more towards MMA. Our staff can help you determine which style is better suited to the goals of you and your child. Given that our memberships are all inclusive, many of our students opt to enjoy both programs, which gives them a well-rounded understanding of both traditional and modern Jiu Jitsu techniques.

ds Boxing and Kickboxing: We offer kids striking classes focused on boxing and kickboxing, Your child will learn effective striking and kicking techniques from professional trainers, providing them with an outstanding workout and the knowledge and confidence to defend themselves if needed. Kids MMA: Many of our students take a combination of Jiu Jitsu and Striking classes, which gives them a well rounded skill set in the sport of MMA (Mixd Martial Arts).

At Elite MMA, our kids are taught extremely effective self-defense techniques, but more importantly they are taught to use their skills and knowledge responsibly. They are taught to be humble, to have self-control and to avoid or walk away from a physical confrontation whenever possible. We have a NO TOLERANCE policy for bullying or fighting outside of the gym.


Monday - Friday 8am-8pm

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Sunday Closed


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