Boxing is one of the most fundamental fighting disciplines and is practiced by millions of people every day. First as a true sport in the Olympic games back in Greece in 688 BC, boxing has existed for millennia all throughout the world. Come into Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA and learn all you need to perfect that jab, cross, uppercut and hook. Our instructors focus on footwork, technique, conditioning and maximizing power in each shot. Whether you have experience in boxing, or are putting the gloves on for the first time, our Boxing class caters to all skill levels. While the fundamental principles remain the same, our techniques and proven class-structure will let your abilities reach the next level. Unlike Muay-Thai, Boxing does not incorporate trips, elbows, knees or kicks; your hands are your only weapons Our pro and amateur fighters regularly teach classes, so you can rest-assured your trainers know what they are talking about. You will never be paired with someone outside of your skill level during the light sparring portion of the class. This will allow you to focus on building your technique and confidence while ensuring safety and control. Boxing classes are one hour in length and include specific techniques, pad work, conditioning and sparring. Come on in and experience Elite MMA’s Boxing class today!




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