It was an honor having master Anibal Braga at Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA gym for the last week and a half!

Anibal is a 7th degree coral belt straight from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He trained under Monir Salomão, Fadda black belt, up to the rank of brown belt then due to unfortunate circumstances had to leave Salmoao’s school and went to train with Amelio Camara a Helio Gracie black belt.

Anibal eventually got his black belt from Camara so he trained in both the Fadda and Gracie styles of Jiu-Jitsu. He made his first US appearance in 15 years at Elite MMA, teaching an amazing 2 hour seminar and staying at the gym for the following week to teach private lessons to a handful of our students.

Thank you Master Anibal!